The Perfect Tee golf tee, New Zealand

Cory Schuman - World Record Holder for Longest Drive "The Perfect-Tee golf tee has become my best friend. It has allowed me to perform at the longest and highest level. If you want to hit your drives long and straight, I suggest you use the Perfect-Tee. I do."

Cary Schuman, two-time Guinness World Book of Records Holder for Longest Drive
Paul Runyan - Winner of over 50 PGA tournaments "The Perfect-Tee is the best golf tee in the world. The Perfect-Tee is just that—perfect."

Paul Runyan, Winner of over 50 PGA Tournaments, including 1934 & 1938 PGA Championships.


The Perfect-Tee™ is a premium golf tee using advanced technology that helps you play better golf and is ideal for use with oversized and normal drivers.